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A new skirt!

May 13, 2011

There are a few crafty blogs that I check every day, and today I made one of the projects from MADE.  It’s a simple skirt, and it really couldn’t be simpler.  I made one for BL out of one of Daddy’s old uniform tops!

Her instructions for making one of these adorable skirts are really helpful and well written, so if you are starting from a yard of fabric, I’m going to refer you to her site.  I will explain how I made this one from a uniform top (and really you could do this with the bottom of any shirt, a tee-shirt would be totally comfy, I think I might do that next!

I started by slicing off the bottom ten inches of the shirt.  Since BL is only 2, the skirt is pretty short, so if you’re making this for an older girl, you’ll need to measure her to see how long you’d like the skirt, and add an inch and a quarter for the waist band.  Since the bottom is already hemmed, you don’t need to worry about adding extra length there, or hemming it yourself.

Since there is a zipper down the middle of this shirt, I had to cut that out, but if you are using a tee shirt, you won’t need to worry about this, and your skirt will already be a tube.  After I cut the zipper out along the seams, I had one long piece of fabric.

I pinned the cut edges together, and sewed them, leaving a half an inch, and then ziz-zag stitched along the edge, since I don’t have a serger (yet!)

Now the skirt is in the giant tube stage.  I ironed the seam of the skirt flat, and then ironed down the elastic casing for the waist band of the skirt.  Since I don’t have a serger, I had to fold the waist band down a quarter of an inch, iron it, and then fold it down a full inch and pin and iron it, so there would be no raw edges, like so:

The yellow pins mark where I won’t sew when I’m sewing the casing, so that I have a spot to put the elastic in.  I sewed one seam along the bottom edge of the casing, and one around the top, for cuteness factor.  Next I fed the elastic through the casing.  I cut my elastic to 19″, which is BL’s waist measurement, plus an inch for sewing the elastic together once it’s in.  I used half inch elastic.  To feed it through the casing, just safety pin one end of the elastic, and feed it into the opening, making sure to pin the other end to the skirt, so it doesn’t get lost in the casing.  Once the elastic is all the way through, overlap the ends and sew a zig-zag stitch on each raw end to make sure it stays together really well.

Next, sew the casing all the way shut, and you’re done!

Here is BL modeling in front of the mountain of boxes we’ve been collecting for mailing care packages to Daddy!

I’ve also finished my first blanket to send along to Craft Hope!

It’s based on a neat blanket someone had made for my nephew, but I made it only one layer of flannel thick, rather than the two layer look his has going, since it’ll be swaddling a baby down south.

Party Side:

Business Side:

It’ll get even more ruffle-y after I wash it, but I’m waiting until I finish all my blankets, then I’ll wash them all together and mail them off!  I’d love to know if anyone else is making blankets, and if we’re near each other, I’d be happy to include your blankets in my package, so you don’t need to worry about shipping!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Deployed Daddy permalink
    May 13, 2011 9:25 am

    Great use of my old uniform! BL looks so cute in it. Do you have any plans for the sleeves? If not, save the big velcro patches on the biceps pockets and pocket flaps!

  2. Evie permalink
    May 13, 2011 12:58 pm

    You ALMOST make it seem like I could accomplish either of these. But then I remember who I am.

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