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Quick Coffee Post

June 16, 2011

One of the things I love about warm weather is the iced coffees!  They are pricey to buy from fancy places, and Dunkin Donuts (my favorite pre-vegan days iced coffee purveyor) only has cow’s milk.  They are so easy to make at home, though, and so much cheaper.Brew a pot of coffee however you usually do, but make it stronger.  I usually add 1-2 extra scoops.  As soon as it’s done brewing, take it off the heat source if you’re using a coffee pot, and if you have room and a trivet, you can pop it in your refrigerator.  Fill your glass (I recommend actual glass, not plastic, for doing this because the coffee will still be warm/hot when you pour it) about 1/2-3/4 full of ice and pour the coffee over it.  Mix with some soy, almond, or rice milk, and 1-2 teaspoons of agave nectar, and stir!  That’s it!  It tastes SO similar to Dunkin’s.


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  1. Chris permalink
    August 6, 2011 9:05 pm

    Just made this for a refreshing Saturday afternoon treat – delicious!

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