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1,000 uses for cucumbers

July 15, 2011

Not quite that many uses, but with the cucumber abundance in my garden, I’ve been going through a cucumber a day, and not getting bored!I’ve already written about grilling cukes, which my oldest brother introduced me to here.  I think I’ll be doing that again this weekend, and trying out a different dressing for it.  Although, I really do love some rice vinegar, we’ll see.

Another favorite cucumber use: luxurious water!

A few slices in your ice water tastes like a super expensive spa day, for free!  I think I love it more than lemon in my water, and that’s saying something.  And a few slices will last all day, as long as you’re constantly refilling.  It’s been a great use for my reusable starbucks cups.

And of course, I can’t leave out a simple salad.  I’ve got baby lettuce, chives, cucumbers, basil, tomatoes and broccoli (the last two haven’t shown up yet) going on in my garden, so I got to have a salad almost entirely from my backyard!  BL is really into grilled carrots lately, so two nights ago I grilled some carrots and a potato and made a fabulous dinner.  I love hot veggies on a cold salad, it’s unexpected and super tasty.  The salad is my baby lettuce, chives and cukes, with cherry tomatoes and grilled carrots.  To grill the carrots, I just put about a tsp of olive oil in a square of foil, toss in the carrots, and one more tsp of olive oil on top, and close it up.  I did the same for the potato (which I grilled whole, like a baked potato in the oven) but I used less oil with the potato, and also sprinkled some sea salt on top.  The veggies grilled for 15-20 minutes with the gas grill on low.  I cooked the potato next to the flame, and the carrots over the flame, which is why they’re blackened on the bottom.  The carrots actually caramelized a little bit, super yum.  And I rounded the whole thing out with some brown rice with sea salt, one of my favorite comfort foods.

I took BL out to paint the town red last night, two years old isn’t too young for that, right?  Our local toy store was having a sidewalk sale preview, so we had dinner in town at my favorite restaurant, then moseyed over to the toy store.  We did dinner right, with wine (just for me) an appetizer, and we even got dessert!  At the toy store I got Christmas presents for BL, my niece and nephew, and a friend with a small baby all for $27!  After our scores, we wandered over to the playground where BL ran out all her chocolate cupcake energy.

BL didn’t have this much ketchup on her face when the evening started, but she kept snacking all night, so every time I cleaned her up, more appeared, until I finally gave up.  It was the kind of night that reminds me why I love living in my town, but that also reminds me how very much I miss my husband.  We’re 1/3 of the way towards his homecoming, though!

To keep me busy, I’ve gone felt food crazy!






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  1. Evie permalink
    July 20, 2011 12:22 pm

    Are you taking orders here for felt food? Or do I need to send an email? Because as we totally need some!!!

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